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RIP for MP3 – 90’s era MP3 Music Format is Dead


If you grew up in the 1990s and early 2000, you probably still remember downloading MP3 files to build your music collection and burning up to 10 times more of these on audio discs as you would with conventional CD tracks. Then there was the mp3 player who gave an entire generation the power of the music in their hands.

Without a doubt, the music world changed dramatically after the advent of MP3. Now, after the decision of the music world for nearly two decades, the MP3 format is officially dead, as its developer has decided to terminate the license program of the format.

Yes, you heard right, MP3 is officially dead!

Many developers around the world claim to have the patent in relation to the license of the MP3 format, but since 2005, Fraunhofer Institute has allowed the format for those who want to sell decoder and coders, and it also has the legal struggles in this case.

But now the company has announced that it will no longer support the format. Why? Because they believe that better ways to store music has appeared on the stage and MP3 retreat should help these formats.

The creator of the legendary format, Fraunhofer IIS, confirmed the sad news,

“Although there are more efficient audio codecs with advanced features available today, MP3 is still very popular with consumers.” However, most modern media services such as streaming or television and broadcasting use modern MPEG-ISO codecs such as the AAC family or the future MPEG-H. These can have more features and higher audio quality than much lower bitrates compared to the MP3.

Of course, most people and developers have already started to move away from MP3 and it is obvious when a better technology is available on the market. The audio format, which replaces MP3, is developed by the Fraunhofer Institute and is called AAC (Advanced Audio Coding).

Finally, our childhood obsession is really over. Life is a complete circle. It now rests in peace, after the success of Benchmark and the proud decades in the race.

MP3 may be dead, but it is almost impossible for most of us to forget it as it has had a huge impact on our lives. In 1993, almost 24 years back, he entered the market; Nevertheless, it became popular by 1997, when Winamp audio player was released and MP3 was often downloaded by users from various websites, which was however illegal. It became more popular in 1999 when Napster was launched as it did the downloading of large bundles of small audio files very easy.

Who can forget Apple ipods and itunes, the basis of what was the MP3 format, the same format that allows Gaana and Spotify to stream songs.

For many music fans, including me, the MP3 holds a deeper meaning than just a file format.

However, this step is symbolic and in favor of the higher audio formats. Yet the MP3 music format is something we grew up with and there will be a place in the history books.

MP3 RIP! We’re going to miss you forever!
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