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How To Promote YouTube Videos For Higher Traffic


YouTube is the popular video sharing website. Here in this article i will give you tips to engage your audience & get more views, likes & comments for your videos . For that you have to target audience interacts with that platform. This post help you to will help you get more traffic, more engagement, and more followers.

The pillar of the SEO in the YouTube video is depend on the keywords, placements, topics, interests and demographics (age, gender).But the engaging of the video depend on the title, description, tags, category, thumbnail, subtitles and annotations.

Post at right time

People see video on both mobile devices and desktop computers, both at work and at home. whenever they get the free time. highest click-through rates. You have to know when most of the people visit YouTube. you easily schedule social messages to reach more followers. Try to post in weekends specially friday and saturday night.

Embedding videos on popular sites

There are many sites that allow you to embed your video for the promotion purpose through the video plugins . That will help to rise in search rankings, and drive conversions. Use annotations in the video and link them to the next or a popular video in the channel. That make it easier for viewers to continue watching.

Keyword Usage

Tag identifies what the video in which topic is that related to. Create a Long tail keywords in the description box with a minimum of 200 words. You need to use keyword phrases instead of just single keywords.

If you have YouTube gives you the trick that is “YouTube Auto-Suggest” that displays when you searching for the video. Or another option is use YouTube keyword suggestion tool to extract keywords . ensure your page ranks for a specific keyword, that word or phrase must be included in your title tag. The description box helps to reach in the search results, encouraging more clicks to your content.

Vidooly is the video key word suggestion tool that help you find the right keywords that increase the growth in your YouTube channel optimization

Attractive title for your video

The main fact of the traffic in the video is depend on the title, descriptions, thumbnails and tags utilized for the video. Use short and concise titles for the video and import thing you have to note first is ensure that only relevant keywords are used in it. The long tail title is not displayed fully when they see videos in the mobile or in tab devices because of the small screen.


Use the relevant high quality thumbnail and the attention grabbing image as the previews image. Many people click the video only through the preview video that displays in the suggestion list.


Many of them skip the subtitle while uploading the video. That is the biggest mistake they do . You video understand only by the local people .Subtitles only reach the other language people and understand the content of the video. subtitle target the worldwide and keep engage on your channel other videos too.