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OMG ! Newborn baby walks immediately after taking birth – June 2017 Viral News


A video of a newborn baby walking immediately after birth is currently breaking the internet.Since being posted on Facebook on May 26, video that went viral on Facebook shows the newborn, who is being held by a nurse attempting to wrestle and walk free.

Although details of the newborn are yet to be known, the video has garnered over 68 million views and 1.5 million shares already. The footage shows a newborn, being supported by a nurse, lifting one foot, and then the other, in movements that mimic walking.

While it is normal for newborns to take about 12 months to walk on their own, the baby’s footsteps shown in the video are nothing short of a miracle. The video was reportedly posted on Facebook account in Brazil on May 26.

Experts have however said that the “walking” is not so much a miracle but a natural newborn reflex.

This reflex is called the “stepping reflex,” and is also referred to as the walking or dance reflex because the baby appears to take steps or dance when held upright with his or her feet touching a solid surface. It usually lasts until the baby is about two-months-old. Further, it helps babies develop and survive.