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How to Make Money from Your Hobbies


Working a day job is something most of us do, and whether you love it or not, there is no other option. What if I had told you, you can make money from the things that you love to do like your hobbies.

Yes, you can make a good side hustle of your hobbies. Whether it is stamp collection, selling, gardening, sports, gaming, crafting, you name it, and there is some way you can make money from it.

It could be just some extra cash or something which can replace your primary income or a side business.

Wouldn’t it be great to do something you love so much and still get some income out of it?

I am going to list some hobbies which can be great side hustles, and some of them are my hobbies.


Ok, this is my favorite, that’s why it’s coming up first. Of all the hobbies, photography can be very fetching with digital era coming into the picture.

Did you ever notice lovely images in blogs? They are stock photos. With so many blogs launching every day, there is a continuous need for pictures.

Stock photography sites like Shutterstock, iStockphoto, Pexels and websites like Snapwire, Clashot make it easier for you to sell your stock photos. Though it is hard to get into stock photography, you can still make some money from it.

You can make anything between $5 – $300 per image when selling on some websites. And, this is just one type of photography.

Big brands are always browsing these websites for images. If you want to pursue this further, you can do direct client selling when you become a pro.

Here is the list of microstock photo websites from Everything Microstock. If you are just starting and want some ideas or tips, try Digital Photography School. It is an absolute favorite photography resource.

Tools to start – Digital camera (I have Nikon D80), tripod and lens. I don’t think you need more than this when you are just starting.


Blogging is my recent favorite and my latest income earner. Starting a blog was my dream for a very long time. I love this medium of interacting with like-minded people, help others from what I have learned.

Though it takes some time to establish yourself and monetize, there are many ways you can start seeing some money with your blog like ads, sponsorships, affiliates.

I make over $4000 a month blogging part-time from home and you can too.

I have a detailed post on how to start a blog where I show you the step-by-step process of starting a money-making blog and share tips to get traffic from the day one. Start your blogging journey today!!

If you want to start monetizing your blog with a sound strategy, Michelle also has the awesome Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course; I was clueless about affiliate marketing before taking this course. But, now I see a world of difference in my conversions. This course is the reason I am already making money with my new blog.