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Adcombo CPA Network Case Study – How TO EARN $1000 IN 1 Month with Best CPA Network


Adcombo CPA Network Case Study – How TO EARN $1000 IN 1 Month with Best CPA Network

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Who doesn’t want to earn quick money? Even I wanted too! While there are several opportunities like ‘how to earn $1000 in one month’, we often tend to consider these opportunities as scams. But we forget that internet is a vast platform for earning in actual. You can sit back at the comfort of your home and earn huge bucks. I am telling all these so confidently because of my own experiences. I am earning good amount of bucks every month through CPA marketing and I actually feel lucky enough to get hold of this amazing digital treasure. But to earn through CPA marketing, you should have a clear idea of how it works like. Don’t worry guys; I am here to help you out with some really awesome tips and information from my personal knowledge base. So, let’s begin with the treasure hunt right now:

What is CPA marketing?
Don’t know what CPA marketing actually means? Well, CPA marketing is a widely used term in the field of online advertising where payment is dependent upon registrations or sales. To be precise, CPA stands for ‘cost per action’ where the ultimate action is ideally a conversion that leads to sales. For example, if someone clicks on the link provided on the sites, he/she is actually completing the action to view the links. So, the story is that I am getting paid for these actions. Nowadays, marketers are looking for CPA deals that can be advantageous for them. The reason why I prefer CPA marketing is because it is a really easy way to make money.

How to earn from CPA marketing?

CPA marketing is quite an easy way to earn money on an online platform. A person wouldn’t need too much money to start. If you have a site, you are likely to get approved from the CPA networks. You can start earning immediately by following certain steps. You can go for the offers that can pay you well. You can generate huge traffic by advertising. Of course, you need to make sure that the sites you choose are top class sites. I have understood that one of the best ways to earn from CPA marketing is through a Facebook page. Attract as many potential customers as possible. If you want to double your money, take the chances of reinvesting. It is definitely going to reap huge profit.

Adsense vs CPA

Adsense is a space where high quality ads are displayed while CPA is the method of generating revenue through cost per action. As I have discussed earlier, when a visitor clicks on the link, he/she is performing the action leading to conversions. In Adsense advertisers are always bidding for the best ad space. The good part about CPA is that you necessarily don’t have to sell anything. It’s all a matter of huge traffic and high conversion rates leading to immense ROI. Isn’t that cool?

Why choose Adcombo?

While there are ample number of affiliate networks available, choosing the best is a must thing to do. I heard about Adcombo from a friend of mine who simply loved the ROI and highest payout rates received from Adcombo. The result was simply amazing as it allowed me to interact directly with advertisers and clients. I was even given a personal affiliate manager who guided me to find the apt way to monetize traffic at a large scale. I completely took advantage of its features like ready to work localized landing pages, brand new uncommon geos that has got low competition and much more. In short, it helped me in deriving maximum profit from this CPA network. They have a strict process which ensures that the approval of CPA marketing happens in the right way. Even experts recommend Adcombo as the best platform for CPA marketing.

How to earn from Adcombo CPA Network?

Adcombo is every affiliate marketer’s dream platform that acts as a great network and an advantageous resource. I have started off with selecting an offer, which soon got approved. The easiest way to earn from Adcombo CPA network is by referring the targeted traffic to the potential advertisers’ landing page. When the traffic gets conversion, you will be paid for the successful conversion. You are likely to experience efficiency due to the speediness of this CPA network.

How to pick up a winner CPA offer?

Irrespective of what traffic source I did choose, it is extremely crucial to select the right offer. Yes, until and unless the right offer has been chosen, it might get difficult to succeed. Whether it is picking up offers that have got bad reputation, too much competition, small audience or hard conversion possibilities, CPA offer cannot succeed. This is the reason why I avoided all these and picked up a winner CPA offer that did wonders to my affiliate work.

How to create attractive Landing Page?

I knew it that building up attractive landing pages should be a must for the business. First of all, I figured out what my goal was. Whether I wanted visitors to fill out a form, buy something or sign up for a newsletter was my concern. Of course, I had to have a clear vision about my potential audience, the competitive market and their demands. Considering all these factors I decided to create attractive landing pages. So, when a visitor visits the website and clicks the ad link, he/she will end up landing in the landing page to fulfil an action.

How to Parked Domain in Adcombo ?

NOTE: to identify a type of a domain parking in Adcombo, it is important to add a relevant CNAME in the DNS settings while creating a new domain. You can find the information about what exactly you need to write for each type of parking in our “FAQ” section:https://my.adcombo.com/#/help/faq (simply click on “How to park domains?”).


CNAME to lacloop.info

Then Go to CPANEL:
1. Search and Select Zone Editor or Domain DNS Changer
2. Select your Domain (example:chokoslimm.com)

and Update “www” Cname with lacloop.info

Like [acdiet.net consider lacloop.info ]

Finale Look Like:

CNAME     WWW     lacloop.info     1hour

Following changes Make in Adcombo:



How to promote offers of Adcombo ?

Following Tools and Resources are helpfull for promote Adcombo offers:

1. Search PPC:
1. Google Adwords
2. Bing PPC

2. Native Ad: [Now a day very popular]
1. Adnow
2. Outbrain
3. Revcontent

3. Adult Offers Native Ad Resources:
1. Traffic Junky
2. Exoclick

4. PPV Network [Aka Popunder and PoPup Advertisment]
1. popcash
2. Popads [Promote Adult offers and Sweepstakes]

5. Social PPC
1. Facebook Paid Marketing
2. Linkdin Paid Marketing

6. Banner Advertisment
7. Facebook Groups
8. Email Marketing
9. SEO

How to Approved account in Adcombo ?

Many of people wonder what could be the trick to get the Adcombo account approved in no less time. Is the process that easy? Well, it is really not a big deal as one can get an approved account in Adcombo even within one hour approximately.

CPA network Adcombo is indeed a great platform for earning around $1000 in just one month. I feel it is one of the best ways to cash out from the extra hours that you waste while browsing online. It is also the most affordable online business option as all that you need is a computer with internet and you can get started. I have received pretty much amazing results and you can too. So, if you are quite impressed with the CPA network and want to give it a try, then you should immediately reach out for the main site and get started.

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